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Avantools is a software development company with expertize applicable on a wide range of projects, from audio real-time data processing and custom user interfaces to state-of-the-art visualizations and optimizations for client and server applications requiring big data and heavy network traffic processing.

Avantools is specialized in solving situations in projects requiring software development when the current implementation and stack of tools starts showing signs of slowness, overload or excessive complexity.

November 29, 2022

Avantools took a part on a collaborative project CyberTrapper together with AST and Datatek with the scope to develop special tools for sensitive infrastructure protection. The project has been selected and approved by SecurIT for further support.

Read more about CyberTrapper project here.

SecurIT is a European project (H2020-Innosup-01) aiming at supporting and co-financing the development of collaborative projects allowing prototyping and experimentation of top-notch technological solutions in the field of Security, with respect of the nowadays ethics, legal, and social challenges.

Read more about SecurIT here.

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